Tory Williams of Providence, RI

This man has been frequenting a website called for years now. He goes by many names on this website and has profiles in both Rhode Island and Colorado. He is a predator beyond belief! He has no intent on being a sugar daddy. He uses this website to A get women up to 45 years younger then him to agree to go out with him so he can assault them B he knows women will not want to come forward out of the embarrassment for meeting men on there. I want to keep my identity private so will not go into details of the incident, but it was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. If you google his name you will see other reports about this sicko. He owns a company called zingon. Be very careful!!!!! He has assaulted many women. He also claims to me 55 but it almost 70.


  1. Googles his name and nothing came up

    Even after 10 Google pages. If this is legit, then please post to many multiple different sites to keep future victims safe. Won’t take long.

  2. This is completely true. I’m so glad someone created this post about Tory Williams. He assaulted me years ago after meeting him off seeking arrangements. He is a predator. I google him every so often praying that he is locked up. He told me he was single and after I googled him I found out he was married. I believe his wife must have found out because I’m pretty sure she divorced him. Tory, don’t try saying this is false. I would be more than happy to share plenty of details about you to prove that it’s true.

  3. This man is a sick individual! He is completely obsessed with younger women and is totally full of crap. Google his name and you will find countless incidents about this scum bag (try googeling Tory Williams Zingon, Tory Williams Providence. I’ve found nothing really comes up of
    You just Google his name because it’s so common).

    It really astounds me how this moron doesn’t hide his name. What a sociopath! I too met this loser off of Seeking Arrangement. He has money but is in no way willing to spend it on an “arrangement” He uses his wealth to lure women into bad situations. It happens so fast you don’t realize until it’s too late. This rapist needs his time to come!!!!!!!!!! Rot in hell Tory Williams!!!!!!

  4. Yes this dude is a fucking creep. Tried to meet me off of Seeking Arrangements and would NOT leave me alone so I started feeling really weird about it. IT’S NOT WORTH IT LADIES.

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