Removing Your Name

If you believe that your name has been inaccurately included in Pervert Report, there are several options for removal.

1. Sue the original poster, win, and send us a court order. This is straight forward but if you choose to start sending ridiculous subpoenas, contact our service providers to bitch or otherwise cause problems, your name will become a permanent record on this site, no second chances. Any type of contact with any provider qualifies.

2. Provide us with an acceptable written apology from the original poster. The apology must be accompanied by a form of identification of the person. We will then remove your name and list the original author as a wrongful reporter so that others are warned one this liar.

3. Go through legally binding arbitration by an accredited provider or attorney. We suggest Internet Reputation Control, Inc. with their remove name from program but there are others, just ask nicely.

4. If you send any legal notices to us or our service providers, options 1 through 3 will be unavailable and we will NEVER remove your name no matter who tells us to.