ramiro lerner,miami

ramiro lerner located in miami in Florida, United States has been identified as a pervert and the name ramiro lerner was added to the pervert report by one of our readers. The phone number for ramiro lerner is Please carefully research ramiro lerner to determine whether this person is or is not a pervert. As always, make up your own decision about ramiro lerner and as always be careful!
Summary of the pervert submission:
Name: ramiro lerner
Phone Number:
Location: miami
State: Florida


  1. this guy dated me a while back. I was 16 and he was twenty something. He is def. a freak and most likely, looking back, a pervert.

  2. yes this guy likes under 18 alot , I didnt know i was gay until he was my neighbor and kept getting me high then going down on me , I was 15 ! He was 27

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