Beware of Photographer Byron Matthews in Hawaii

My 18 year old daughter is an aspiring model and wanted to get professional photos taken for her portfolio. She found Byron Matthews in Hilo, Hawaii on the website Model Mayhem. Not only was he an amateur, but he also touched her inappropriately repeatedly. We spoke to a lawyer, and he said we likely couldn’t press charges, because of the lack of concrete evidence and that it would be a “he said / she said” case. Avoid him at all costs.


  1. The guy who posted this is an internet troll, he didn’t like some comments I made about global warming and he’s been stalking and harassing me for the last 2 weeks.
    He’s a divorced and out of work, angry little man who has been taken to court multiple times for harassment. He has lots of time on his hands and has used that time to attack me.
    While I appreciate that there are sites like this that allow people to warn others about predators, there is no way to verify the claims made, so good people can be smeared and their reputations tarnished by hateful and sick mentally disturbed people.

  2. Why is my response under review for days and not posted but someone can make a wild accusation smearing me and it gets put online?

  3. The person who wrote this is a guy who didn’t like some comments I made on a news article and has been harassing me for weeks. I’ve tried to respond to this asinine claim several times but my comments have not been published.

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