Angela Utley, Tulsa, Oklahoma

This dirty, fat pervert lives in Tulsa, OK. And what is Tulsa spelled backwards? A SLUT! Yes, that’s her, A SLUT!

Angela is otherwise known as “Bathtub Girl”, because she likes to “Chaturbate” in the bathtub.

Besides being a camera whore who openly displays her perversion, Angela is a jobless, single mom who lives in low income housing in Tulsa. She has kids. One of her kids has autism or is mildly retarded.

Angela also refers to herself as being the “Truth Angel”, because she believes she knows it all when it comes to vaccinations and ass burgers. She has done many podcasts on Spreaker, being the devoted mother of a sickly kid, and then she’ll turn around and do gross shows of herself displaying flab and vaginal squirts in her private videos. Maybe she does it for the money. She is on SSI, because she is a head case, herself.

Here she is (fully clothed) giving a bj to a wine bottle:

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