Andre Jae Canepa, San Jose, California,San Jose, California

Andre Jae Canepa, San Jose, California located in San Jose, California in California, United States has been identified as a pervert and the name Andre Jae Canepa, San Jose, California was added to the pervert report by one of our readers. The phone number for Andre Jae Canepa, San Jose, California is Please carefully research Andre Jae Canepa, San Jose, California to determine whether this person is or is not a pervert. As always, make up your own decision about Andre Jae Canepa, San Jose, California and as always be careful!
Summary of the pervert submission:
Name: Andre Jae Canepa, San Jose, California
Phone Number:
Location: San Jose, California
State: California


  1. Andre is my boyfriend and best friend. I can attest that this report is a huge lie. It has been put up by an immature girl who does not understand the concept of a gift. She bought him a gift and had a major crush on him. When he did not like her back she demanded money back for the gift that she got for him. When he told her he owed her nothing she proceed to slander him. My boyfriend is none of what she says and she manipulates the story of what happened to her own advantage and quite honestly you could hire her as a professional liar if u need one! Ignore this post as it is false and slanderous and should be reported as it violates the law where you can not slander someone with false information.

  2. From word of mouth, he had been going around sending his panty shots and dick pics to other women over the internet via Facebook. That’s cheating when he already has a girlfriend. He sure has a sexual fetish for women’s underwear when he wears it a lot.

  3. One time (when he and I used to be friends), he admitted to finding the bodies of 15-year-old girls sexually attractive. However, he won’t make a move on those teen girls (till they’re at least 18) despite checking them out from a distance. Other than that, he has a weird fetish for Asian women. He happened to briefly show me his porn collection on his cellphone, which mostly consists of Asian women/porn actresses. Also, he has his “secret” stash of nurse hentai DVDs that his guardians don’t know about, and he views them at night whenever he wants.

  4. When we first began getting acquainted at SJCC, he impulsively ran his mouth telling me in graphic detail of every sexual experience they had, including anal. It made me feel uncomfortable on the spot when I wasn’t sexually active. Still, it wouldn’t have been appropriate to share such material in the first place. For me to share such material with him personally, he rubbed off on me with his constant sharing of it…like what he and Ex #4 got up to on Halloween night instead of going trick-or-treating. A common sense of decency’s and a disregard for boundaries are obviously lacking when he and EX #5 impulsively went about with their sexual antics in the backseat of my car when they were FWBs (Friends with Benefits), which is how their relationship started out before becoming romantic between them. AJ just let her give him a blowjob when I ended up giving them a ride back to his place (which I was reluctant to at first but got egged on by AJ). That made me uncomfortable to witness, so I had to put a stop to it by rolling down all the car windows for the chilly air to hit them. One time, when I was acting as their chauffeur and driving them to the Vallco Mall, AJ knelt down in front of EX #5 to do cunnilingus on her after finding out that her monthly had ended. It was nerve-wracking to hear her loud sensual moans about halfway throughout the car ride.

    • Also, he admitted to being with Ex#7 just for s-e-x in order to get over the breakup with Ex#6. It makes sense for him to be sexually frustrated when he wasn’t able to get any from Ex#6 throughout their relationship. When he came across her on Tinder, he thought of hooking up with her but then considered giving her a chance. In the end, it is just for getting s-e-x from her that he stuck with her for. Ex#7 personally messaged me herself about him being the “worst boyfriend ever” and that he was disrespectful towards her friends and parents. She stated that he forced her to have s-e-x with him from the get-go.

      With Ex#8 whom he met online on a site where fitness fanatics frequent to look for a potential partner or to date someone of similar interest… He really moved fast with her when she was 18 or 19 at the time. Andre took advantage of her naivety and got her to send him a nude photo of herself in addition to her selfies. Plus, he managed to sway her into virtual s-e-x with him within a week of their acquaintance.

  5. Ladies should be careful and steer clear of him because of his impulsive sexual urges when single. One time, he pressed me into being used to release his sexual tension when he didn’t have sex for a while after the breakup with an ex-girlfriend. He told me that it’s doing him a favor as a friend to let him sniff my privates so he could jack off to relieve himself. At one point, he stated that we would’ve been f***ing if I don’t care about my virginity.

  6. According to his sixth ex-girlfriend, he had emailed her younger sister inappropriate pictures of himself disregarding that she’s a minor. This happened after their breakup. She had considered reporting him to the police for this. Luckily, her younger sister didn’t get to see those dirty photos when she got to it before her sister did.

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